iStock_000009026198MediumMarwood Surveyors can also carry out commercial property surveys. This includes:

Commercial Schedule of Dilapidations

Dilapidations is a term used when referring to the condition of a commercial property during the term of the tenancy or when the lease ends.

It means the same as disrepair and is tied in with the repairing and decoration obligations in the lease agreement.

A schedule of Dilapidations is prepared for the landlord by their appointed surveyor.

It identifies items of disrepair and highlights where the tenant has failed to comply with the repairing clauses.

The finished report specifies the work necessary to bring the property back into repair.

Dilapidations and schedules of dilapidations have serious financial implications for commercial (business) tenants.

Tenants should ensure that they fully understand these implications and take steps at the outset to minimise their liabilities before signing a commercial lease.

Schedule of Condition

In addition to Condition Surveys, we provide a Schedule of Condition – a factual log of the property’s physical condition when a lease commences including defects, causes and mandatory action.

A schedule of condition should be commissioned before the signing of a lease and will help you determine the condition of a building and any exiting defects and repair costs prior to you making any commitment to the lease. It will also identify any potential future defects that may need attending to at a later date.

If the Landlord agrees that the schedule can be attached to the lease, it can then be used in defence at termination of the lease when a dilapidations claim is served by the Landlord.

RICS Valuation for SIPP/SAPP Pensions

At Marwood Surveyors we are able to carry out a valuation on a specified commercial property or land in order to determine its transferability into a SIPP or SAPP pension, or to conduct valuations for existing property assets during lease negotiations, renewals and at rent review periods.  We work closely with financial advisors and pension fund experts to provide you with the best possible service.

Condition Surveys

Building surveys provide critical advice in relation to acquiring a building or agreeing to a lease and we strongly recommend that you obtain this with the standard Agency and Valuation advice that you will receive.

A condition survey will involve the carrying out of an assessment on a specified commercial property in order to determine physical property conditions or defects. Our experienced team of Building Surveyors will focus on the structure of the building, its fabric and its finishes and systems. They will report on any issues of non- conformity such as building defects, any health and safety risks, expected lifecycles, and its validity in relation to statutory approvals and consents.

The principle aim of the condition survey is to provide an accurate evaluation of the physical condition of a building and highlight any defects or issues that could affect the acquisition of the building and its occupancy. The survey will assess the standard of the construction, its overall specification and the quality of its finish. In addition, the survey is a comprehensive visual assessment of the structure, fabric and services of the building including all the associated features that may exist within the curtilage of the property.

Commercial Drainage Survey
Surveyors are not drainage specialists and therefore do not cover underground services or areas covered up.

If there is cause for concern and further investigation is necessary we will recommend a CCTV drainage survey is undertaken.

A CCTV survey will allow a contractor to compile a detailed drain survey report and make any remedial recommendations.

From the survey the surveyor can see what exactly the problem is.

This can range from fractured pipework to collapsed drains and tree roots causing blockages.

Commercial Market Appraisals
Carrying out a valuation on specified commercial property asset in order to determine its current worth.

Commercial Market Rental Appraisals
Carrying out a valuation on specified commercial property asset in order to determine its current rental value.

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