Marwood Surveyors are proud members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers.

We cover the West Midlands, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Cannock, Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, Shrewsbury, Crewe, Nantwich, Wrexham, Chester



Shared Ownership/Equity Valuation

If you own a shared ownership property and wish to sell or assign your shared ownership lease you will need a RICS approved valuation report.  Marwood Surveyors can organise this for you.

If you have been asked for such a valuation report, we will visit your home for an initial assessment, and then we will view similar properties that have sold to determine the market value of your home.

This valuation will ensure the value of your home is correct.  Mandatory sections for this report include:

  • Open market valuation figure
  • At least three similar, recently sold properties
  • Our company name and RICS number

Shared Ownership/Equity valuations are valid for three months.  If you do not finalise your transaction within this time, a new valuation report is needed.

Inheritance Probate Valuation

A market valuation for inheritance tax calculation purposes. Prepared to a standard suitable for submission to the Inland Revenue and Valuation Office Agency.

Valuing the estate of someone who has died is one of the first things to do if you’re acting as the executor or personal representative for that estate.

You normally can’t get access to the assets in the estate until you’ve received a grant of probate.

You need to know the estate’s worth to fill in the probate application forms and show whether or not Inheritance Tax is due.

To make sure you get an accurate valuation, you should use a professional RICS registered valuer. The valuation should reflect the value at the time of death.

Source: HMRC Website

Matrimonial Valuation

In these days of high divorce and separation rates, it is usually necessary for matrimonial houses or shared property to be valued to decide upon how the assets will be shared.

Many matrimonial valuations are, following “The Woolf” report, usually carried out by a qualified surveyor/valuer jointly appointed by both parties in the divorce with an independent valuation report provided for and to the court.

Valuations are also carried out for the benefit of single parties for negotiation purposes. The valuation will comply with Rule 35 of the CPR 1998 and can be used by the Courts if required.

In most cases we are jointly appointed by instructing solicitors (on behalf of each party) to provide an independent valuation report for the Courts.

We are able to provide matrimonial valuation reports in respect of the matrimonial house and/or other shared residential, investment or commercial property.

Market Valuation

This type of valuation can be used by individuals who may not necessarily wish to sell their property but require an impartial and realistic valuation of their asset.

A surface inspection of the property, its characteristics, location, style, size and tenure are all considered. A comparison of like for like properties that have recently sold and exchanged contracts is made.

Retrospective Valuation

These are carried out when there are claims of a surveyor having previously valued a property too high or too low at point of purchase.

Retrospective valuations for litigation purposes are required for court purposes in professional negligence claims – mainly when a surveyor is accused of excessively valuing a property. Commonly, the report is usually requested by a solicitor acting on behalf of banks, or other lenders, that have relied on the disputed valuation.

Marwood Surveyors work hard to balance the conditions and limitations that any reasonable professional valuer would have experienced at the time of the original valuation, and then prepare our reports accordingly.