Planned Preventative Maintenance

As a landlord, business manager or responsible person, planned preventative maintenance is key to maintaining a safe working environment. Maintenance can be on either the property itself, or on operational equipment that ensures you have a safe and comfortable environment.

Planned Preventive Maintenance can help extend the life of your equipment, while also ensuring you are fully compliant with legal statutory requirements. 

Ensuring a good level of PPM will ultimately save you money when it comes to your property and equipment, and things will be in good operational order. 

Preventative maintenance can also identify faults and equipment that is starting to fail. This means that action can be planned and undertaken before a critical piece of equipment fails, which could cause your business operational problems, and an unforeseen cost.

What equipment typically qualifies for Preventative Planned Maintenance?

  • Lift equipment including both passenger and goods lifts
  • Passenger travelators
  • Lifting equipment 
  • Roof safety systems
  • Fire detection alarm systems
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Building fire Sprinkler systems
  • Gas heating systems including boilers and space heating equipment
  • Air-conditioning systems and ventilation systems
  • Water treatment systems, fresh water supply and water storage tanks
  • Pump systems
  • Electrical fixed wiring test & inspection
  • CCTV and access systems

How much does Planned Preventative Maintenance cost?

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