Schedule of Condition Surveys

Schedule of Condition Report

A Schedule of Condition report ensures the condition of a commercial property is accurately recorded, allowing for any existing defects and costs of repair to be identified and acknowledged by all parties ahead of any lease commencement.

Why have a Schedule of Condition?

For a commercial property lease, a schedule of condition may be required when a new lease is entered into and to confirm the condition of the property before tenant occupation. It may also be required and/or prudent to complete a schedule of condition at a point of lease renewal.

If you are a landlord or a tenant this must be part of a lease consideration, in order to limit your risk, and establish responsibility for dilapidations and reinstatement. This normally takes place towards the end of a lease or before a new lease commencement. 

Marwood Surveyors have many years’ experience in the property management sector, and can assist you though this process, identifying any potential risks.

How much does a Schedule of Condition Survey cost?

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