Party Wall Surveys

A Party Wall Survey will examine the proposed works to a party wall, ensuring that they are properly designed and are executed in a manner which is not likely to cause damage to any adjoining buildings or property.

In the unlikely event damage does occur, the Party Wall Surveyors can award damages, so the adjoining owners property is protected.

When do I need a Party Wall Survey?

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 requires building owners to serve a Party Wall Notice on their neighbours when:

  • Building on or up to a boundary line 
  • Carrying out works to a wall or structure built on the boundary line 
  • Conducting excavations in close proximity to the neighbour’s property.

The Party Wall Act is designed to grant access rights to the appointed Party Wall Surveyors and to the owners of the land or property. This allows surveyors to conduct the necessary inspections and allows the land or property owners and any contractors rights of access. This enables them to legally erect equipment such as scaffolding etc on the neighbouring owners’ land.

What are typical party wall surveyor fees?

To find out how much a party wall survey would be for you – visit our Quote and Book page. 

Marwood Surveyors and Party Wall Surveys

At Marwood Surveyors we offer impartial advice with respect to any proposed building works that you or your neighbour may be considering that concerns a party wall.  

We provide fully qualified Party Wall Surveyors who are members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, to help in party wall disputes.

Our clients’ best interests are always at the forefront; therefore, we are dedicated to resolving problems between neighbours rather than profiting from a dispute, and that is why we offer a fixed-fee service.

At Marwood Surveyors we pride ourselves on communicating the most recent updates and information to our clients, so they can relax, knowing they will be informed of any changes or breakthroughs.  

The benefits of having a Pre-Notice Site Visit

We highly recommend and provide something called a Pre-Notice Site Visit, which is a valuable tool for those who truly want to know and understand all their options.

From our experience around fifty per cent of building owners who choose a Pre-Notice Site Visit, found they did not need to serve a Party Wall Notice, by changing either a foundation design or simply moving a little away from the line of junction. 

Sometimes property owners opt to serve a Pre-Notice Site Visit, so they are allowed rights of access to the adjoining owners’ land to set up any building equipment that is needed.

Featured Snippet: Can a neighbour refuse a Party Wall Notice?

Although Party Wall Surveys take into account the common interests of those affected by a boundary or wall, a neighbour can sometimes refuse to agree to those proposed changes to a boundary, outlined in the Party Wall Notice. 

The neighbour in question has a window of 14 days to respond to the notice served, and this response could contain outright objections, or sometimes compromises; outlining their preferred approach to any changes that take place. 

Party wall disputes can be costly, and the next step would mean an impartial Party Wall Surveyor being instructed, in order to achieve an agreement in the form of a Party Wall Award.