Snagging Survey

If you’re a soon to be new build homeowner, it is advised that you get a snagging survey and pre-completion checklist after all building work has been completed, but before you exchange contracts with the property developer.

Snagging is the process of inspecting a newly built (or refurbished) property to ensure that the works completed meet the standards that the builder has agreed to meet. Snagging is not strictly a contractual term. It is a jargon word used in the construction industry to describe the process of checking building works before they are signed off as finished, with a list of unsatisfactory or outstanding works to be done being compiled for follow up and correcting works to be completed by the builder. The list will then need to be rechecked and confirmed as being satisfactorily completed.

These types of surveys are designed to catch small issues and problems with the home. Usually, these issues are cosmetic such as unfinished skirting, or windows that don’t shut properly, however, a snagging survey is also a great opportunity to spot bigger problems that need to be addressed before you move in.

A RICS snagging survey can be completed up to two years after your new build purchase, with your developer being responsible for fixing said issues reported during this time period.

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