When they first arise, disagreements over land boundaries can seem inconsequential, but if not handled correctly, they can actually become extraordinarily complicated and extremely costly. This is why a great many people – both individuals and business-owners – decide to consult qualified chartered surveyors to save themselves time and money.

At Marwood Surveyors, we work with commercial and residential businesses, as well as private individuals, to manage a wide variety of dispute issues, from title deed inaccuracies to an absence of well-defined lines between property and land.

When are boundary dispute surveys required?

Ordnance Survey plans that are used by the Land Registry tend to only show general property boundaries that are often nowhere near detailed enough to give definitive analysis of property lines. For this reason, it is advisable to appoint a qualified independent surveyor to analyse Land Registry documents and deed plans, as well as any other information that is relevant to your specific set of circumstances.

Marwood Surveyors can prepare for you a clear report that in a great many cases is all that is required to settle a boundary dispute, without the necessity for an expensive and protracted court case. Indeed, most disagreements can be settled by engaging the services of a fully qualified and experienced surveyor. Also, very often in the case of most disputes, expert mediation and determination is recommended by a court before cases will be heard.

Marwood Surveyors are experienced land surveyors, fully qualified and specialised in measuring and mapping land and property, as well as analysing historical documents that relate to the land in question.

Determining boundary positions helps to resolve ongoing disputes and provides a clear foundation from which all concerned parties can work together. In our experience, it’s very helpful to commission a detailed property survey before any disputes arise.

What does a boundary survey consist of?

We plot and measure all aspects and areas of your property, providing an extensive and comprehensive plan that highlights all the relevant features of your land. We are also able to offer advice and guidance on determined boundaries for private individuals.

The specific property line and land boundary services we offer include the following:

* We carry out area calculation surveys and property boundary assessments

* We specialise in the demarcation of boundaries

* We write reports for submission to a court or solicitor

* We offer expert advice on issues relating to right of way

* We prepare documentation for first property registration

* We create transfer plans for Land Registry registration

* We create determined boundary plans

* We can act as expert witnesses

If you have any questions relating to property lines or boundaries, give us a call today and see how Marwood Surveyors can help you to save time and money on 0121 546 0393.