The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 requires Building Owners to serve Notices on their neighbours when:

  • Building on or up to a boundary line;
  • Carrying out works to a wall or structure built on the boundary line;
  • Excavating in close proximity to the neighbour’s property.

The Party Wall Act sets down the rights & duties of owners undertaking such works and provides protection to the Adjoining Owners.

The Party Wall Surveyor’s duty is to examine the proposed works, ensure that they are properly designed and are executed in a manner which is not likely to cause damage to adjoining buildings or property.

In the unlikely event damage does occur, the party wall surveyors can award damages so the adjoining owners property is protected.

The Party wall Act also grants rights of access to both party wall surveyors and to building owners, allowing surveyors to make all required inspections and allowing building owners and their builders rights of access, erecting of scaffolding etc on the adjoining owners’ land.

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